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"The answer's probably yes" - Imogen, Artisan Blacksmith 2022

Repair it, Restore it, Repurpose it, or start from scratch and fall in love with a new timeless treasure. Here at Sycamore Smithy, I specialise in the weird and the wonderful, and it's always worth asking!

Fresh off the Forge

DOTA-inspired Coasters

The client requested a coaster/bottle opener hybrid inspired by a beloved game.

   While on holiday, the client's friend purchased a bottle opener of the game's logo, but sadly, not long after it was lost and they were unable to replace it. When they saw me at Trentham for the Christmas Market, they thought it well worth the ask! After a few trials to get the shape and texture right, we settled on this design.

   The texture needed to be "akin to that of a rock that has been clawed at or chipped" - a challenge from a fresh bit of steel, to be sure! Alot of chiselling and punching later, the texture was sorted, but what about the coating. In the end, the client kept two brass-brushed for himself and gifted the enamelled version to their friend.

Past Projects

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